~ what's a "bentl"? ~


bentl is your best friend :)

          bentl likes to make cartoons and music and write and stuff and also went to school for that for a minute but that was not very fun so now xe aimlessly dumps hir content onto the wacky wild internet for a select number of passersby to stumble upon and maybe even a large sum of passersby to stumble upon but at the same time xe doesn't really handle attention all too well so maybe the former is a more favorable option actually.
          bentl made a lot of movies and comics as a tiny, coconut-brained child, the only real catalyst in hir life that miraculously prevented hir from being bullied. this continued up until hir acceptance to an art-focused high school, something that ironically severed her entire relationship with art (an omen to which bentl would not heed). after deciding "yeah, a toxically masculine prep school is a better fit for me", bentl's relationship with art would slowly reassemble and snowball into a large catalog of art in numerous mediums. this website pulls together all of bentl's artistic accomplishments (or the few worth retaining) from 2013 to the present. there are quite a few pieces left undocumented, but trust me when i say that's intentional and for your own good.

~ wow, that sure is something. does bentl have social media? ~


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          but if you're really punk and social media isn't your speed, you can sign up for email updates on bentl's whereabouts at the bottom-right of any page on this website. there will also be regular update posts and stuff about what bentl's up to in the bottom-left.
          also, it's me. i'm bentl, the one who's been typing all of this. the third-person thing was entirely for the veil of professionalism. if you went to art school like i did, you'd know that. i'm so laughing-out-loud right now.
~ well, you know what's less professional that writing in first-person? lying. ~