Wednesday, June 1, 2022

06/01/2022: lesbian dogwood june 2022 update

current duration: 16m 57s

    ho wow, hi everyone. welcome to june <:) heheh... hh.
    as you can see the film is about 4 minutes longer than it was 2 months ago.. less than 4 minutes actually. needless to say this film will probably take years to be completed at this rate. especially considering this fact o life: ill be starting work soon! so production may be even slower now!! yahoo!!
    here's the deal: i am hopeful. very hopeful for the future of this project. although it's coming along slowly, that's not for anything related to like my waning passion for the project. i fucking love this movie. i love my friends that exist inside of it and i want nothing more than to bring them to life. the slowed down pace lies in the scope that the project has achieved. i find myself becoming more and more ambitious with every shot.
    my goal for creating the foundation of this film was to set myself up to tell a story that i can always be inventive with. i never want to feel like im anchoring myself to an old style and get bored with the project accordingly. i want the film to, no matter where i am with my art, always feel like a satisfactory outlet for my creativity. that has proven to be true, and that's very exciting. what the final scenes will look like will be decided by the version of me that's making them, and that's awesome and inspiring to me.
    the first 6 minutes were very scaled back and minimal compared to what the current shots have been looking like. so while i was able to crank out those minutes in a month, i realized that the minimalism had ceased to be a satisfactory way to tell this story.
    so, at this rate, will it take years before the film is done? probably. and that's okay! and that doesn't decrease my anticipation for its release by any means.

    okay, with all that philosophical drivel out of the way, what's been going on in the movie. well, we now have fishbaby :)
    here they are running from a spiromite. what a lil creature! look at them go! stay safe fishbaby!
    anyways, yeah, that's all i wanna reveal as of right now. hopefully this update was satisfactory, it sure helped me feel a lot better about the state of affairs :) have an epic day! if u want!


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