Tuesday, April 12, 2022

04/12/22 - lesbian dogwood: april 2022

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    hello everyone! the april update went from being early to being late now. REALLY late now. phenomenal. yakno life happens, things have to be put aside, what can ya do. let's talk about the movie already.

    the amount of material completed for the film has nearly doubled in the 2.5 months since the first 6 minutes released. given that the first 6 minutes took only 1 month to make, this might seem like quite a significant slowdown, and it is. but a lot of the material i've been making this time around is a lot more detail and effect oriented than the first 6 minutes (also the last couple weeks have been really slow for life reasons). this will be a far more gigantic update than probably any of the next few months since its covering everything in february up until now.

    i've introduced a few more characters since. namely mosquito man and glenda. mosquito man runs the shitty homunculus retailer shop and glenda is lesbian dogwoods crusty best friend. get a load of the two of them arguing:

    i dunno how the Blogger Video Player works so if that's a bust you can see it on my twitter, here. anyways glenda is a very important character in the movie and will essentially be a main character. he likes big black, partying, and picking fights. pretty fun. love glenda (hypnosis).

    here are a few more fun gifs and animated sequences from the film:

lotsa great work being churned out here at the disney castle er whatever.

    here's a BIG fun development for the movie: a script. yea! you heard me right! granted, i'm still not scripting anything more than like 5 minutes ahead of what's already created, i'm moreso using it as a way to articulate my emotions for my next boulder of a scene to make. here's another kicker: i'm sharing it! with you! here's the next scene that i'll be scribbling up within the next couple months, one which introduces everyone's favorite nautical fuckhead: fishbaby.

    this will also act as a continuation to this is my disaster, the unfinished novel which the movie is based on. upon the film's (and in turn the script's) completion, i plan to revise parts of this is my disaster to make it align more with what happens in the movie. so there won't just be a completed film but also a completed book to go along with it. how fun!

    anyways that's all i have to offer for now. i realize that the month of april so far as been probably the least productive month this year for the movie, but i don't see that as a sign of anything stopping. sometimes there are just other things goin on i guess and i hope that can be understood.

    thank you for reading, thank you all for your interest in the film and i hope to come back next month with even more to offer :-) cheers!

- bentl

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