Friday, January 28, 2022

01/28/22 - lesbian dogwood: the movie


do u remember how i was working on the fishbaby comic?

well, that's on the back-burner. but! not really also! because fishbaby's (heavily modified) story is being told in a different medium now, that of film.

this is lesbian dogwood and the disaster life thereof. this is a full blown feature film, and you can watch the first 6 minutes of it now by clicking on that last link. it's a story that's basically a frankenstein monster of this is my disaster and the moonray highway restoration quest of fishbaby. it also incorporates characters and stories from other works like gumshoe, koopal0vr plays, and even lemonade mouth 2. essentially, this is my ultimate story and if you've been a fan of any of my output over the last 2 years, this is very much something to follow.

i'm very excited to tell this story, and i hope that you're excited to witness it. this is my heart and soul, it's my everything.

thank u :) have a good day!

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