Tuesday, December 7, 2021

12/07/21 - welcome back

     hello. i had my fun as a hustlin' harry (or lack thereof) with the whole patreon debacle but i think it's about time i return to form. art + capital = stressful disaster. i love my little shitty stupid hole in the internet that is blogspot. gone are the days of taking anyone into account besides myself while making my art. blogspot gives me the satisfaction of "releasing" something without having to worry about if anyone will see it because i know nobody will see it! and if they do, what the hell kinda expectations will they have? it's a blogspot!

    anyways, i've been writing a lot, that's kinda been my artistic focus. if you check out the words tab, you'll see i've added a few projects that i've been cooking up. all are in-progress, but you can keep up with them this way regardless.

    the visuals tab has been given a long overdue touch up. now, you can see my visual art works by year. the only year i've completed thus far is 2021, but i plan on adding more works with time. as always, probably the most pragmatic way to keep up with my art is on instagram, but it's nice to have it exist in this space with the rest of my art regardless.

    anyways, yeah! enjoy the view.

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