Wednesday, April 21, 2021

04/21/21 - patreon & beyond

 hello! its been quite some time. i've gotten a lot done. lets talk about it.

first and foremost: i have patreon!! what that is is a subscription support thing where you can pay what you want, get some fun benefits, and you only have to pay anytime i make a cartoon! hoorah! check it out.

in terms of music, i've released what is all my music that i've been working on and will work on for the foreseeable future. i'm very much committed to my animating, it feels like a calling and where i'm finding my creative footing best. but, anyways, yeah! the new album is called lemonade mouth 2 and you can check it out via this hyperlink.

i've been very busy in the cartoon department. i made a little jerma animation that i think is silly and fun. it was mostly for feeling out my creative place rn as well as doing something that could get some attention. i've been working on a HUGE animation though, if you subscribe to my patreon, you can see what exactly i've been working on :-).

the website should be updated as far as my artistic endeavors go, need to revamp the visuals tab so hold out for that! most of my updates and stuff will be going on my patreon now, so that's why updating this site has been infrequent.

anyways ya thats it gtg byeee!

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