Tuesday, December 29, 2020

12/29/20 - wow!!! cartoons!!!



big headway and big developments in the realm of cartoons! spurred by a spontaneous shout-out tweet from one of my greatest animation inspiration, max and i are cranking gumshoe 2 into Maximum Turtle Mode... or, rather, we are working on it. still looking like months of work ahead but i'm stoked regardless.

while gumshoe 2 idles in pre-production, i've been getting my cartoon jitters out by cranking out some silly shorts. i like em, i think they're cute and funny. i'll be making them when i want to, plain and simple.

small musical update: the new doveland single is done and ready to make it's appearance on the broken camera records winter comp. i'll be posting about the song when it releases along with the comp, but just know it's out of my hands.

i am very excited about my art! hooray!

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