Sunday, November 8, 2020

11/08/20 - alive (barely)

 hi so the sites been a little inactive but i'm not not busy!

while life is continuing to spiral into chaos i've still managed to squeeze out a few turds. you can find them on my soundcloud.

just today, i put out a demo for an upcoming song that i'll be including on broken camera record's winter compilation. it's called "avury has a panic attack on the polar express", a classic christmas tune!! you can listen here:

oh yeah, did i mention i'm with broken camera records now? they're a delightful collection of absurdly talented musicians that i have no right to be a part of but here i am anyways! if you even mildly enjoy my fuzzy emo bullshit, you'll fall in love with every single artist that label has scooped up. it's a small gig, but it is regardless a mega honor to be a part of it :).

follow broken camera records on social media: twitter ... bandcamp ... instagram ... youtube

also, on the subject of music, i've made a bundle of shitpost mashups that you can find on my very same soundcloud. it's not profound or interesting, but if you're dying to see what i'm doing then here:

 news of animations: almost nothing. there's talk of gumshoe 2 but who knows when that'll be.

thanks for reading.

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