Thursday, September 17, 2020

09/15/20 - Soundcloud


hellooooo so i've now created a soundcloud for the purposes of frequently uploading my musical endeavors instead of just saving them arbitrarily for some album. here's where you can find it:

i also figured posting about my soundcloud on here is niche enough so that inevitably when i do have an entire music worth of new material done, it will still be a first-time listen for the majority of the songs for most who stumble upon my music. it's also incredibly early right now, so please forgive my run-on sentences and indiscernible writing. anyways, there are two new songs and more new songs to come so I highly recommend you give it a browse.

life has been really crazy. i've moved out and have acquired a really decent job. i still haven't really drawn or animated in months. now that I have no desire to involve myself in "the industry" or be successful with my art in a way that i may become entangled in it, my motivation to work hard on my animations has been severed. it's not that it isn't fun and a great way of expressing myself, it's just very time consuming and not something i can reasonably commit to at this time.

i had something else i wanted to say but i forgot and it's 8:18 am. i know i said that already but take my redundancy as proof of my exhausting. fuck, i mean exhaustion. ok, bye, whatever, enjoy my music but only if you want to.

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