Saturday, August 15, 2020

08/15/20 - New Music and my current state

          i made something finally! hooray! it's here: "stella yamada" by doveland. i've been writing a lot of music lately, it's kinda the only thing i'm doing right now. idk how frequently it'll get released but it's fun y'know?
          full disclosure, i haven't done like any drawing or animating at all since the release of gumshoe so any ideas i had referenced on here in terms of that are still at 0 progress. i don't know when the hell i'll get back on the animation train, but when i do i'll update.
          july has to have been my most creatively drained month in many many many years. it's been pretty hard to work on much of everything what with the way the world is exploding. this song felt really good to make as a product, even though it's been about half a year in the making. i hope you listen and look forward to more from doveland ^_^
           by the way: the time pop bandcamp has been renamed to doveland, so there might be a few broken links on this website unfortunately.

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