Monday, June 8, 2020

06/08/2020 - WE ARE LIVE

HELLO EVERYONE :D the website is finally HERE! OH WOW OMG!
as the homepage states, this is a hub for all my creative endeavors, and a real robust one too. so take a look around, hope you enjoy what you find :^)) here's what i've been up to recently:

i recently published a NEW CARTOON that being episode one of Gumshoe, a series by max and i nearly a year in the making. it's really short but a loooot of man hours have been poured into it so i hope you enjoy it!
soon, i'll start working on another toon in the style of my recent toon named hole. i've been wanting to do something really slow and pensive, so expect that maybe?

i fairly recently played a quarantine live set with the help of a lovely violinist :3 i don't have any recordings in progress because i've been really interested in cartoons for a while, but we'll see! i was offered to do another online live set, so i'll post updates about that as i learn more about it (if that happens).

an off handed comment here: i've had a spark of inspiration in the area of game design! probably nothing will come of it, but video games are really fun and i have a lot of ideas. i've been brainstorming a kart racer on paper, but i know NOTHING about coding so if anything happens, it prob won't be forever.

thanks for readin or ur interest :) explore the cool new site!

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